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a game-changing ingredient for salmon feed

Tailor-made for aquaculture species: developing Aqualyso®

Marleen Dehasque, Adisseo’s Global Product Manager for Aquaculture Nutrition, explains that Aqualyso® is a metabolic and digestive enhancer based on lysophospholipids - specifically tailored for aquaculture species.

Lysophospholipids (LPLs) are widely used in feed for livestock, and particularly poultry, and have been for a long time. But the older, simpler, formulations used for livestock are not optimized for aquaculture.

“We wanted to purely focus on aquaculture and to test what farmed aquatic species really need,” Marleen notes.

Adisseo’s research team worked on the process to optimise LPLs for aquatic species, pioneering their use in the aquaculture industry.

“We’ve had very good results in all the species we’ve tested, from shrimp to bass, bream, tilapia, panga, you name it,” Marleen says.

The only company producing lysophospholipids for aquaculture

“Adisseo is unique because we're the only company making this kind of product specifically for aquaculture species. We use a special process to ensure the quality and effectiveness of Aqualyso®,” Marleen explains.

Here, Marleen presents some of the key features of Aqualyso® for aquaculture nutrition:

Marleen Dehasque, Adisseo’s Global Product Manager for Aquaculture Nutrition.

Photo: Adisseo

“At Adisseo, we control the entire process, from selecting the best raw materials like soybean and rapeseed lecithin, to the final powdered product. We make our products in Spain and Thailand, following strict quality standards. This lets us produce our product closer to where our customers are.”

Marleen also highlights that Adisseo has developed its own quality control methods to ensure their products meet the high standards and specifications promised to their customers.

“Our solid scientific research and expertise in aquaculture nutrition mean that we offer not just a top-quality product but also expert advice to help our customers get the best results from their aquaculture feeds,” she says.

Testing Aqualyso® with Norwegian Atlantic salmon, in collaboration with Nofima

Adisseo researchers recently collaborated with Nofima to trial the product in salmon feed, at Nofima’s Research Station for Sustainable Aquaculture in Sunndalsøra, Norway.

The study, published in the international scientific journal Animals, found that supplementation with Aqualyso® helped the salmon absorb nutrients more efficiently in their intestines and process them more efficiently in their livers.

This leads to better feed intake for the fish, as well as less stress on the fish’s intestines and liver. These benefits can help the fish adapt better to changes in farming conditions or diet changes, such as using different ingredients, as well as optimizing the nutrient absorption of the feed.

This study is the first to show the direct effects of LPLs in the diet of a species like salmon and suggests that LPL supplements could be beneficial in the nutrition of other farm-raised fish species as well.

Benefits of Aqualyso® for salmon: better growth, better pigmentation

Panos Kalatzis, Adisseo’s Regional Aqua Manager for Europe
Photo: Adisseo.

Another key benefit of Aqualyso® is that it gives a boost to pigmentation, enhancing the healthy pink colour of salmon that consumers find so attractive.

"All of our trials, both with Nofima and with customers, have produced similarly good results, showing an improvement in both feed intake and growth. We've also seen better nutrient absorption and an improvement in pigmentation,” Marleen told us.

Improved coloration comes from better absorption and retention of pigment, Marleen explains.

"Aqualyso® itself does not include any pigment, but it actually leads to better absorption, better utilisation and better transportation of the pigment, which then leads to better retention of the pigment.”

Replacing fish oil in aquafeed with Aqualyso®

In a time of increasing uncertainty in the supply of marine ingredients for aquaculture feeds, Aqualyso® can help reduce the amount of fish oil and fat needed in feed formulation, says Panos Kalatzis, Adisseo’s Regional Aqua Manager for Europe.

The ability of Aqualyso® to optimize metabolism of essential nutrients can help to relieve cost pressure from fish oil and fat prices in feed production, he points out.

“LPLs are well-known for their superior ability as emulsifiers. They enhance the process of digesting and absorbing fats, which serve as an energy source, and aid in the digestion and absorption of crucial fatty molecules like polyunsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol, and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and E, as well as carotenoid pigments,” Panos explains.

“LPLs also improve the transport and processing of lipidic nutrients in the intestine and liver. This kind of metabolic optimization is essential to help reduce the reliance on fish oil in aquafeeds.”

Waldo Nuez-Ortín, Adisseo’s Global R&D Manager for Aquaculture.

Photo: Adisseo.

What’s next for Adisseo’s Aqualyso® team?

Adisseo’s researchers are continuing to study the efficacy and mode of action of Aqualyso®.

Waldo Nuez-Ortín, Adisseo’s Global R&D Manager for Aquaculture, takes a pioneering approach when it comes to this research, bringing in leading-edge investigative techniques such as electrophysiology and proteomics.

“Beyond emulsification, we have proof of how Aqualyso® not only accelerates nutrient absorption in the gut epithelium but also the transport and processing of these nutrients in gut and liver to be converted into animal growth,” Waldo explains.

“This research has allowed us to develop a specific lysophospholipid profile which is responsible for the better efficacy of Aqualyso® in aquatic species.”

Today, we are addressing topics such as fat reduction and optimization of feed formulation costs, optimization of nutrient digestion and utilization under thermal stress, and supplementation as a strategy to boost growth performance and reduce the carbon footprint of production,” Waldo explains.

“The key here is that our approach is species-specific, including species groups such as shrimp, salmonids, marine fish, and freshwater fish.”

Here, Waldo explains in more detail the benefits of Aqualyso®, based on Adisseo's research:

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