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WeAreAquaculture caught up with the team behind aquaManager at i2s headquarters in Athens, to find out more about the company’s story, from its origins to its latest developments, and to hear from some of the people responsible for making aquaManager the success it is today.

Aquaculture technology firm Integrated Information Systems SA (i2s)’s aquaManager began its journey two decades ago, on the idyllic Greek island of Ithaca, developing the first iteration of its groundbreaking software.

Evolution from local innovation to global solution

The company's initial goal was to develop a management software tailored to the aquaculture industry's needs, Brand Manager Eleftheria Bikou tells us.

This early development laid the groundwork for what would become a suite of sophisticated management tools which have gained widespread use around the world. Today, i2s aquaManager software encompasses over 156 clients across 55 countries, and is credited for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities.

“It’s said that aquaculture is drowning in data but starving for knowledge. We wanted to enable our clients to unlock the full value of their data, to support smarter decisions, higher yields and more efficient management," says aquaManager Brand Manager  Eleftheria Bikou.

“Our hatchery module is one of the very few dedicated software solutions for hatchery sites that exists,” Eleftheria points out.

The aquaManager software supports various stages of production, from hatcheries to grow-out facilities, whether land-based or sea-based, ensuring a versatile and holistic management approach. aquaManager is also adaptable to a broad spectrum of aquaculture species and environmental conditions, from shrimp and tilapia in warm waters to salmon and trout in cooler climates.

Leading-edge technology for smarter aquaculture operations

But the development of aquaManager didn't stop there. Recognizing that clients needed a more holistic, integrated approach to farm management, the team decided to broaden the scope of their solutions and services, offering business intelligence solutions, AI-driven underwater cameras for feed optimization, and IoT solutions for environmental monitoring.

“We wanted to explore other types of services in order to contribute to the whole ecosystem of solutions we provide for our clients,” Eleftheria says. “That's why we expanded on business intelligence solutions and explored artificial intelligence applications.”

“It’s said that aquaculture is drowning in data but starving for knowledge. We wanted to enable our clients to unlock the full value of their data, to support smarter decisions, higher yields and more efficient management.”

To support this, aquaManager has introduced new business intelligence solutions for aquaculture, using data warehouses, OLAP cubes and Power BI reports. These allow users to access interactive dashboards and extensive reporting, providing different perspectives on data related to production and business metrics.

Another key innovation is incorporating AI technology to make fish farming operations more efficient. The aquaManager team have developed surface and underwater cameras that use machine learning to detect missing pellets during feeding. This allows for real-time adjustment of feeding strategies to optimize feed and reduce waste.

For Software Developer Eni Puska, pushing the boundaries of technology in aquaculture is what he loves most about his job.

“As a software developer for aquaManager, I've shaped groundbreaking IoT solutions like smart data loggers. These integrate seamlessly with our aquaManager management software, and redefine data collection and monitoring for farms, ensuring optimal conditions and sustainability in aquaculture,” Eni explains.

An integrated ecosystem of solutions

Eleftheria describes these technologies - management software, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and smart equipment - as the “four pillars” that form the core of the aquaManager offerings, encapsulating the team’s mission to provide an integrated ecosystem of solutions.

This ecosystem is highly adaptable, capable of supporting aquaculture operations both in land-based RAS facilities and marine aquaculture. The aquaManager smart tools can also send environmental parameters to a base, facilitating remote monitoring and management of aquaculture sites.

This capability is especially beneficial for operations in exposed or offshore sites, where manual monitoring can be challenging due to harsh conditions. The technology ensures that farms can maintain oversight of environmental conditions and fish health without the need for constant on-site presence, enhancing the viability and sustainability of offshore aquaculture.

“Following the development of an exceptionally advanced software system designed to address the most complex questions and requirements of our users, it became evident that extending its capabilities into the physical world was not just a possibility, but a necessity,” explains Kostas Seferis, Founder of i2s and aquaManager.

“This emerged directly from practical experience and user feedback. To achieve this, we introduced an array of smart devices capable of not only collecting data on production processes and environmental conditions but also actively interacting with and influencing these environments.”

“As a result, we are now happy to provide a comprehensive management solution that seamlessly integrates software, electronics, and communication technologies. This holistic approach enables us to offer a system that is not just responsive and adaptive to your needs but also anticipates and evolves with them, ensuring an unparalleled level of efficiency and effectiveness in managing complex challenges," Kostas adds.

The multidisciplinary team at the heart of aquaManager

The company’s application of leading-edge technology to the real-world challenges of fish farming shows both technical mastery and creative insight. But it’s the people that make the magic happen at aquaManager, Eleftheria explains.

The aquaManager product team comprises a diverse group of 30 professionals with a range of specialist expertise, ranging from biologists and software developers to machine learning engineers and nutrition experts. This multidisciplinary team is pivotal to the company's success, Eleftheria says, offering holistic support to clients and driving forward the development of innovative solutions.

“Our team is our biggest asset. We build personal relationships with our clients and support them holistically. That also builds up trust and helps spread the word about our solutions. We always work case by case. We focus on what our client does, what their approach and individual needs are, no matter the size of the company or the scale of production."

It's this personal touch and dedication to each client, regardless of their size or output, that distinguishes aquaManager in the competitive aquaculture technology landscape, says Eleftheria.

“Working in such a specialist profession entails partnering with like-minded people who are passionate about both technology and the well-being of our world,” adds Senior Software Developer Konstantinos Koletsos.

“We have a team that aspires to push the frontiers of what is possible in aquaculture through innovative software solutions - that fosters a special sense of community.”

Sustainable values for future development

aquaManager's expansion from a local initiative to an internationally utilized platform reflects the team's commitment not only to technological innovation but also to sustainable aquaculture practices.

“We want our solutions to contribute to the blue economy and to the production of sustainably-raised protein. We’re working with other partners to create new tools for precision feeding, which is especially important as feed is one of the biggest production costs and one of the biggest impacts on sustainability,” Eleftheria explains.

With plans to take part in major industry exhibitions in 2024, including Seafood Expo North America in Boston, Global Seafood Expo in Barcelona, and Aquaculture Europe in Copenhagen, i2s’s aquaManager team are set to further engage with the global aquaculture community, showcasing their latest innovations and exploring new partnerships. 


Forging meaningful connections with customers to address their unique challenges

Vera Mavrikaki, Customer Success Manager.

“It's really nice to see how much clients appreciate our team’s efforts. We always want to perform well and to build a good connection with them, so we’re looking forward to meeting both existing and potential clients at these upcoming events,” Eleftheria says.

aquaManager's Customer Success Manager Vera Mavrikaki, agrees. “My main goal is to continuously challenge the customers to discover new functionalities and possibilities through the ecosystem of solutions we are providing. Following this path, they discover more ways to get closer to full traceability, successful management and sustainability.”

Tassos Sarigiannis, Key Account Manager

Making a difference is a key motivation for the aquaManager team, as Tassos Sarigiannis, Key Account Manager for aquaManager, explains.

“From problem-solving to partnership-building, every aspect of working in aquaculture reminds us of the profound impact we can have when passion and purpose converge,” he says.

Jason Petroutsos, Software Consultant and marine Biologist for aquaManager echoes these sentiments.

“Working closely with our clients in the aquaculture industry is not just about providing solutions; it's about forging meaningful connections and witnessing the impact of our work firsthand,” Jason says.

“As a team, we find immense motivation and enjoyment in understanding the unique challenges our clients face and tailoring innovative software and hardware solutions to address them effectively. Seeing our solutions contribute to the success and sustainability of aquaculture operations worldwide is incredibly rewarding and fuels our passion for what we do.”

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